Hello, my name

is Caroline.

This blog doesn't really fit into a box - I just want to write about the things I love. I do hope it inspires people to just be themselves and love who they are. Do you and f*ck anyone who says you shouldn't. I don't want to put out an unattainable, insta-perfect vibe - because no one's life is like that. Most of what I’ll blog about are things that make me happy, because self-care matters a lot to me. I like to indulge in my passions because I want to prioritize my happiness and self-love. 

As for the blog title, I picked up a lot of nicknames in college because one of my roommates was named Carolyn. To avoid confusion, we both ended up with many nicknames. My most often-used are Moira (my middle name) and Nally (part of my last name).

Fast facts about me: I’m a born-and-raised Bay Area resident. I went to college in Southern California but couldn't stay away from NorCal. I'm 23 years old, I have a Journalism degree, I hate coffee but love tea, true crime is my weirdest obsession, I identify as bisexual/queer and I'm desperate to own a dog. 

I hope this blog reads as genuine and you find something you connect to. Feel free to follow me on social media and reach out! I promise I'm chill.